Know The FaQs

Q: What makes DJ MIGUEL unique from all of the other  DJs in the area?

             DJ Miguel will cater your event unique needs.  Every DJ will play music for your event.  What makes DJ Miguel unique is that we are experienced and we know what will get your guests to the dance floor and dancing all night long.  This will ensure that your event will be one that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Dj Miguel will place special attention to detail allows us to make sure nothing is missed and your entertainment is performed to perfection.

Q: Will our DJ act as an Emcee during our event?​

            Yes we will act as an Emcee during your event.  This is one of the services we offer that is key to the success of your function.  Your DJ will make all announcements and make sure that the night keeps on track according to your time line.

Q:What types of equipment do you use?

               Dj Miguel uses the latest in club style lighting and sound equipment. Our music library is digital and we have a wide selection of the top hits as well as all those songs that you don't get to hear all the time. We have one of the largest music selections and growing.  Our DJ systems are self supported and do not require a table.  Our system is very attractive and unobtrusive.  You will not see us ever using silver duct tape or orange extension cords like other companies (that’s just tacky).  If allowed, we’ll spend more time setting up per event to make sure our set up is clean and safe for you and your guests.  Using materials like black heavy gauge power cords and black stage quality gaffers tape may cost us more but we feel it’s worth the added investment to give our clients that pro look. We offer a full club style lighting system that can also include a laser light show.  In addition we can provide wireless microphones and a video projector at en extra cost.

Q:Do you bring back up equipment?

          Our quality sound and lighting system can take a beating but nothing is fail safe.  Yes, we bring extra equipment from speakers and cables to lights, laptops and even Back up CDs to ensure your event will be covered.

Q:Why hire a Dj when I can rent a sound system and use a Ipod?

                   Well, I cannot argue that an iPod is a wonderful piece of technology and it can certainly play any music you may want to hear, but before you scrap the professional, let me share with you a few thoughts on why my preference still lies with hiring a Pro. While the iPod itself may cost less than a professional DJ, the equipment you need to amplify the music in the room may cost as much, if not more, to rent than the DJ’s fee. Some venues may even require extra sound, which is another cost. If you want to have a blessing and/or toasts, you will also need to rent a microphone that will add yet another cost. If you want to have some lights add another cost. You will also need to make sure you have backup equipment incase some thing fails. If uncle bob decides he wants to be a Dj and goes and spills his drink on the rental equipment while blowing one of the speakers now your talking replacement cost. Professional djs are insured incase this incident happens (which it has in my experience). Now time for music! You will spend a great amount of time planning the perfect playlist. Once you press play don’t assume your ipod can read the guest or predict what song to play next so your guest will continue dancing. All though an ipod is great in your bbq party’s or potlucks its not a good idea for an event your spending thousands of dollars. If your wedding cost it over $10,000 would you really want a dj that charges $50 hr knowing a professional dj is normally over $100 per hour. A dj would make or break your event!

No Ipod can monitor, program and control the flow of your event the way a truly experienced Dj can.

Q:How many people do you bring along to the events?

             This is a good question because often times banquet rooms need an exact head count (including vendors).  Typically, If its just the basic sound system/wedding package, I set up, break down and perform by myself unless it’s a party of more then 250 people where extra equipment is needed, If there is lighting to set up or if there are stairs involved with no elevator. f we are given under 1 hour to set up.  Then I would bring 1 other person to help expedite the process. Often times i have personally seen other djs bring extra family members with them (Wife & Kids) other times we have seen Djs that bring 4-6 guys with them with a system that is small enough to fit in a compact car & are not dressed appropriately.

Q:How early will our DJ arrive to set up?

             We pride or self on being professional and will arrive  hours prior to the scheduled start time of your event unless other arrangements have been made. It typically takes about forty-five minutes to set up so this allows us to be set up before guests arrive. We will never set up while your guest have arrive due to the fact that it looks tacky and un profeesional. we often have clients that request us only for a few hours after the event has started, when in the area some times we are able to accommodate our clients when we feel safe that our equipment is taken care of as well as our clients & guest. For example if your event starts at 4pm but we are scheduled to start our performance at 6pm. We will have to stay  those extra hours to make sure everything is running smoothly those far we charge for the extra hours, we may even do a discount price and those hours of standby till our performance.

Q:Can we pick what music to play?

                 Yes you can pick what music to play.  When we get together in our initial meeting i will give you a top 30 request sheet of the music you like to hear and we will play them.  This is good because it not only gives us great songs to play but also an idea of your musical tastes.

Q:Do you provide a written contract?

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. Dj Miguel  will provide you with a written contract outlining the terms of your service.   We will sign the contract and send you a copy to retain for your records.  It is important to have a contract to guarantee your DJ services. I would never suggest booking any DJ service with out a written contract. When we don't have a confirmed Signed contract we can possibly give your date away to another client.

Q:Will you be available to answer DJ questions prior to our  Wedding?

Yes we will answer what ever question you may have.  We will meet with you in advance in person to discuss the details of your wedding entertainment. We will also have a meeting a week or two prior to your date.  In addition you will have my cell phone number and can call me at any time with any additional questions prior to your Wedding date.  You can call as many times as you like I am always available.

Q:What type of music do you play?

Every Dj you talk to will say they play everything, but don't let that fool you. Every Dj has there own style and taste in music. Dj Miguel will have an extensive selection of music consisting of 50s & 60s, Swing, Club Dance, Classic Rock, Country, Oldies, Big Band, Motown, R & B, Rap, Disco, and Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Nortenas, Rancheras, Salsa, Merengue, y Mas. We have everything from the 1940’s to today’s top 40, so there is something for all age groups.  We will discuss with you in advance what types of music you want played during your event and we will play only those types of music.

Q:How does your DJ dress for a formal event?

If it is a formal event I will typically wear a black or white dress shirt, formal black vest, black pants and a tie.  I believe it is important for me to look professional during the event.  If the event is less formal I will dress accordingly.

Q:How do we book your DJ services?

Call us & we will put together an entertainment package based on your needs  that includes pricing.  Once your approve your package we will give you a contract.  We require a 50% deposit with a signed contract to hold the dates for your.  Once the contract and the deposit are received by us we will hold the dates.  Dj Miguel books on a first come first serve basis.  The first contract we receive for the date with a deposit  will get the date.  The deposit must be returned with the signed contract.  We also offer a 10% discount for payment in full with the signed contract.  If a deposit is made the balance is due at least ten days prior to the Wedding Date.

Q:How do we pay for your services?

Dj Miguel currently accepts cash or credit card payment.  When using a credit card be aware that we use Paypal Secure or Square Secure Services that have been verified by those companies. A 2.7% fee will be added to the total amount. We require a 50% deposit at the initial meet. No deposits will be refunded unless DJ miguel did not show up, in which a deposit given will be returned.

Mileage & Travel Fee

We Don't charge for mileage if within  the San Benito, Hollister, San juan or Gilroy area. When Traveling outside the area Hotel accommodations & gas mileage will apply.